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The marriage between Claroline and Spiral connect: Chatting with Marcel Lebrun You've often heard here talk about the platform. Marcel and I have worked on the development of Claroline and Spiral. And we...
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Claroline connect Thank you to Marcel Lebrun for the co-construction of this presentation!
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This demonstration provides an overview of the various features of this LMS (Learning Management System) resolutely focused to the today's and tomorrow's practice and technologies, while respecting the basic objectives of the original Claroline project:

  • Ease of use
  • Flexibility of implementation
  • Stability code

The will of the authors is to allow the use of the software in a greatest number, for this reason we have chosen a open source license for distribution.

Designed to satisfy the world of education, training but also business, ClarolineConnect© platform allows users greater openness to the web and collaborative tools.

More user-centric, ClarolineConnect©offers powerful learning tools by integrating social networking features such as community and interactive tools (wiki, forum, blog ... ).

Free to develop their personal learning environment or build an educational method through varied and adapted to the context of tools, in an ultra-customizable environment, the user can share, manage, store, transmit information with a high level of monitoring.

Interconnected with its environment, the new platform ClarolineConnect© ergonomically updated, allow all users to work more closely together, with access to more technology and features, while maintaining ease of use, flexibility of implementation and stability of the code.

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